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Youth Camp

The Navajo Baptist Bible Fellowship Youth Camp in Kirtland, NM. was started in 1975 by Cliff and Elsie Fishgrab and has been a great ministry to our young people for these many years. In 1993 the responsibilty of the camp was turned over to Carrie and I. We have made every effort to keep the camp going with the traditions and foundations that it was started with. If you have never sent young people to our camp we would like to invite you to "give it a try". We have always had a great spirit at camp and strive to maintain that.

It is also very affordable. Our camp fee is only $35. That includes hot meals, swimming, rollerskating, bowling, a nice t-shirt, and some great life applical teaching & preaching from the Bible.

*One request we have is that you send at least one mature counselor that will stay at the camp the whole week to be responsible for your kids.

We are going to have camp this summer.:

Youth Camp - For ages 9-18

This camp is a five day camp which will be held Monday through Friday.

This year our dates for camp are June 2-6, 2014.

Theme: to be announced 

Bible Quiz: For Juniors (ages 9-12), to be announced

For Seniors (ages 13-18), To be announced

Bible Drill: Be practicing!

Practice Preaching/Teaching: Be thinking about your sermon or lesson!

Special Music: Every year we have some young people bring a special church song during our evening service. We would love to have more of that. So start planning and practicing, and maybe we can have some special music every evening (even two or three!).

If you are interested in our camp and have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We realize that many of you might already have a camp that you have been going to. We just want to make ourselves known and let you know what is available. It might be that we can be a blessing to some of your kids that can't afford to go elsewhere. We will be up dating this post with more specific details very soon.

God bless,
Scott Merritt (Camp Director, and Pastor of Chi'hootso Baptist Church in St. Michaels, AZ.)

Dates for this Year's Camp are: June 2-6 (Mon-Fri)

Click here to print the Registration Form

Youth Camp Schedule:
7:15 - Morning Excercises
7:30 - Breakfast
8:00 - Quiet Time Devotions
8:30 - Games
10:00 - Concession
10:30 - Chapel
12:00 - Lunch & Rest
12:30 - Preaching & teaching Competition
1:30 - Big Activity
5:00 - Supper
6:30 - Services
9:45 - In the Dorm
10:00 - Dorm Devotions
10:15 - Lights Out

What to Bring:
Registration Form + $50.00
Pen or Pencil (small notbook if you want to take notes)
Toiletries (hair brush, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deoderant, etc.)
Towl and Washcloth
Sleeping Bag (or bedroll) and pillow
Swim Suit - No short cuts or T-shirts (pool rules)
Sunscreen/hat (for outside morning game time)
Jacket for COOL mornings and evenings
Spending Money (around $15 is plenty)
Shower Shoes
Your Great Attitude!

Rules for Camp:
No Short Shorts - down around the knees please.
No Tank Tops, spaghetti straps, or crude T-shirts.
No Belly Buttons showing when arms are up.
No Electronics (iPods, Mp3's, etc.)
No Valuables
(all electronics and Valuables are brought at your own risk we are not responsible for the loss or damage of any items)
* You are expected to participate, and be respectful to all councellors.

The Youth Camp is located in Kirtland, NM. Traveling east on Hwy 64 (Coming from Shiprock, NM.) turn north at the stoplight in Kirtland (Road 6500). Go North for about a mile and turn right (just before pavement ends) onto Road 6480. Then go a quarter mile. The Youth Camp is on the left, just past Sunset Hills Baptist Church and behind the big Hogan.

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