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This page is designed to help you read the Navajo Language. Maybe you speak Navajo, but you have never been able to read it. We hope this page will help! While reading the following story, you will recognize many words and phrases that you may often use, but have never seen in writing. For those readers who have little to no experience in speaking Navajo,we have included a pronunciation guide. You will be introduced to over 100 terms and phrases. While most of these are defined within the story, a glossary is provided to help further identify them.

The following story, THE NEW KID, was written by Don Fishgrab. The story is about a little boy named Bobby. Bobby's dad just took a job near the Navajo Indian reservation. While lonely at first, Bobby learns both the difficulties and joys of cultural exchange. Come along and learn with Bobby as he experiences his first day of school as THE NEW KID.

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