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Navajo Cries

The Bible teaches us in the book of Romans, chapter 8 and verses 23-24, about a "groan", or "cry", within the heart of those who have given their life to Jesus. It is a cry of hope and joy. It is a cry to live in peace with Jesus.

Listen to the following "Navajo Cries". Listen has they tell you that the love of Jesus has caused them to give their lives to Him! As you listen to their cries, remember that they are not claiming to be perfect. Rather, they claim to be nothing more than just forgiven sinners.

*Each Navajo church and Navajo individual on this page has expressed their Navajo Cries for 2 reasons. First, they hope their expression of knowing Jesus will encourage you to cry out to Jesus! (Romans 6:23; 10:9-13; John 3:16) Secondly, they want to encourage all their Navajo family members and friends that live in Phoenix to consider attending the Navajo Baptist church that we are seeking to start in the Phoenix valley.


Our plan for this page will prove to be very interesting! Many churches on the Navajo Reservation are concerned about starting a church in Phoenix. We hope to host their testimony of this desire through...
...Written word,
...Video Clips &
...Live Pod Casts!

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